Respect for us filters through every transaction, from the smallest to the largest.  

It is about caring for our fellow humans, as well as the natural ecosystems we all rely upon.

In practical terms, respect translates to evaluating our supply chain from beginning to end, and making targeted efforts to minimise our negative impacts on the environment while maximising the value we bring to each and every human transaction. You can read more on our specific efforts below. 


Meaningful transactions

Meaningful transactions form the cornerstone of our business model.
From the careful selection of small and ethical Italian factories, to the provider of the green electricity at our office space and the employment of photo-retouchers in Ukraine effected by the war, we believe that every single transaction BIRD engages in can create positive social impact (if done mindfully).  Our aim is to create a network or “BIRD ecosystem” of meaningful transactions. 


We are committed to making our manufacturing process as transparent and accountable as possible. We believe that any claims around what we are doing should be coupled with information around how we are doing it. 

To achieve this we are carefully analysing our supply chain and pledge to provide as much information as possible on our website, while also acknowledging that we are restricted by inherent limitations due to being a small and new company. 

What are we doing now?

*Making our socks in small family-run factories in Italy where we know employees are paid appropriately, provided with sick/holiday pay, and generally valued and respected in their roles.
* Only using GOTS certified organic Egyptian cotton, which is considered the gold standard in global cotton accreditation. We are also supporting community run cotton programs in Egypt through our partnership with Italian yarn supplier Filmar.

* Designing our products to last by using a high needle count and reinforcing the toe and heels areas. 

* Producing in small batches to ensure we are not left with excess stock.

*Carbon offsetting (with credible programs) the emissions generated from shipping our product from our factories in Italy to our warehouse in Spain.

* Using an electric vehicle in our European office.

* Planting one tree in global biodiversity hotspots for every pair of socks purchased. 

* Hiring Ukranian creatives impacted by war.